Without life-saving medicines people in Africa experience avoidable loss of life from treatable diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria or from diseases that could be preventead by vaccines.

Along with skilled and dedicated healthcare providers, medicines are the most significant means that society possesses to prevent, alleviate, and cure disease.


Stronger communities and families


More efficient healthcare facilities


More days in school


Fewer funerals and more birthdays

We believe that life-saving medicines should be available to all people, regardless of where they live.

Despite considerable investments in infrastructure and resources by many African governments, offering consistent and timely supplies of medicines to people in the last mile is still a challenge.

In many parts of Africa, this means patients can’t get life-saving medicines from their closest health clinic because of lack of stock or expired medicines. Last mile delivery is an organized and systematic distribution system that aims to make sure products are delivered to places that people who need them can reach.

Project Last Mile set out its ambition to support African governments in putting life-saving medicines within reach of every person in Africa by focusing on last mile delivery. We asked, “If you can find a Coca-Cola product almost anywhere in Africa, why not life-saving medicines?” Our pioneering cross-sector partnership helps life-saving medicines go the “last mile” to communities and families in Africa who need them.

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©Project Last Mile