Developing a Last Mile Delivery Workforce Strengthening Toolkit

Rwanda and Togo

July 2022 – October 2023


Project Last Mile partnered with USAID to leverage its expertise in last mile delivery and performance management to develop and test a last mile delivery workforce management toolkit. This initiative addressed the lack of established processes and tools to manage public sector supply chain employees, which often results in low motivation and high turnover rates.

Project Last Mile customized best practice performance management tools from The Coca-Cola System for the public health sector to develop this toolkit. The toolkit includes expertise in last mile delivery and performance management. The content benefited from collaboration with Coca-Cola Beverages Africa to ensure alignment with industry standards and optimize effectiveness. Available in English and French, the toolkit offers performance management processes and routines, such as on-the-job coaching and setting SMART goals. Two workshops were conducted with representatives from the relevant ministries of health, human resources professionals, and the Central Medical Stores teams in Rwanda and Togo, alongside USAID representatives.

Feedback from workshop participants was overwhelmingly positive, with all 20 participants saying that the content was relevant and could feasibly be implemented. Additionally, the workshops highlighted the pressing need for improved models and implementation practices.

Phase 2, which involves piloting the toolkit in Rwanda with selected users, will commence in 2024.

Find out more or download the toolkit here.

This information originally appeared in the 2023 Annual Report.