Improved planning, distribution, and performance management processes for public health in Africa mean:


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Making life-saving medicines more readily available in Africa looks different in each country. For every solution, we rely on the existing Coca-Cola system to share its expertise and network. Project Last Mile identifies and adapts best practices in process, systems and tools from the Coca-Cola System. The expertise we share with governments includes:


Sharing supply chain logistics expertise


Sharing supply chain logistics expertise


Sharing strategic marketing skill


Sharing strategic marketing skills



Sharing general business best practices


Sharing general business best practices

Our operating model


We are invited by one of our partners to work with a national Ministry of Health in enhancing the work they have already done in improving the health system capacity.


Project Last Mile conducts in-depth scoping with stakeholders in each country to understand local context and design programs to meet the unique needs of country partners.

Transferring skills

Project Last Mile transfers skills and knowledge from the Coca-Cola System and builds the capacity of Ministry of Health partners to improve the availability of life-saving medicines.

Our partners

We partner across private, public and civil society sectors.

Project Last Mile is a cross-sector partnership uniquely positioned to tap into one of the widest reaching business systems in Africa and leverage top skills and experience to strengthen health systems.

Project Last Mile was initiated in response to a request to Coca-Cola from The Global Fund and the Gates Foundation. These organizations were making considerable investments in African countries, but found that country supply chains struggled to get medicines to the health facilities where people collect them.

We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

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