Collaborating with the Transform Health Fund to support African health enterprises


January 2023 – present


Amidst the strain on public healthcare systems and limited resources, health enterprises play a crucial role in providing market-based solutions to increase health product and service delivery. Despite advancements in financing for health enterprises in Africa, there remains a notable gap in accessing capital and support services for scaling up.

Recognizing this need, Project Last Mile partnered with the USAID to initiate a new program channeling investments into African health enterprises. USAID has committed funding to Project Last Mile to establish a technical advisory facility, enabling Project Last Mile’s unique technical assistance to support companies in the Transform Health Fund pipeline.

A key objective of the Transform Health
Fund is to build a resilient healthcare
ecosystem by investing in and scaling
locally-led innovations that improve
access to quality and affordable care
and supplies for the most vulnerable
populations in sub-Saharan Africa.

This information originally appeared in the 2023 annual report.