Improving supply chain visibility


August 2022 – present


With support from The Global Fund, Project Last Mile has partnered with Mozambique’s Central de Medicamentos e Artigos Médicos (CMAM) to expand the Strategic Plan for Pharmaceutical Logistics, focusing on strengthening last mile delivery of medicines. This initiative aims to improve supply chain visibility and implement a data-driven model.

Drawing upon expertise derived from The Coca-Cola System, including insights into last mile delivery, outsourced distribution models, route optimization methodologies, and strategic information systems and processes, Project Last Mile has worked closely with CMAM and other partners to advance these goals.


  • Facilitated the consolidation and execution of supply chain and health systems strengthening plans.
  • Assisted in last mile delivery activities, including deploying a performance framework and enhancing CMAM’s capacity for direct distribution management.
  • Supported CMAM in implementing the Visibility and Integrated Management of Medicine Supplies operating model.
  • Supported the Strategic Plan for Information Systems by integrating existing systems and establishing foundational strategic information systems.

“The initiatives provide CMAM with a unique opportunity to strengthen operational efficiency by optimizing transport routes for medicine and health product distribution, strengthening financial information systems, logistics, and human resources. This allows for better visibility of management information and accountability. These positive outcomes will have a major impact on health service provision to the population.”

— Lucrécia Venâncio Mateus, Head of Department—Monitoring & Evaluation, CMAM

This information originally appeared in the 2023 Annual Report.