Partnering to support COVID-19 vaccine rollout


September 2021 – April 2023


In March 2021, Kenya received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines to distribute across health facilities. Despite the government’s efforts to roll out the vaccines, vaccination rates were low in sub-counties such as Kasarani due to the economic challenges and prevailing perceptions surrounding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines. In partnership with Amref Health Africa, Project Last Mile supported the Kenya Ministry of Health with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Kasarani.
With funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation, Project Last Mile combined its private sector expertise with Amref Health Africa’s public health expertise to improve planning and coordination for the COVID-19 response. Additionally, the project aimed to create demand for COVID-19 vaccines and control measures, improve the capacity of healthcare workers, and support the establishment of infrastructure for vaccine services. Project Last Mile also collaborated with Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health to utilize the research and communication assets they developed and made available for partner use.
Project Last Mile and Amref Health Africa worked closely with county and sub-county leaders, spreading information through mass media and community events, training healthcare workers on vaccination procedures, and improving cold storage for vaccines through repair and maintenance support. They also set up decentralized vaccine centers to make it easier for people to get vaccinated.


  • About 72,000 households were visited and received COVID-19 messages, and 130,000 community members were reached through mass media and community events.
  • 85,775 COVID-19 vaccines were administered to roughly 18% of Kasarani’s eligible individuals at decentralized vaccine centers.
  • 189,140 COVID-19 vaccines were distributed efficiently through optimized routes and cold chain management.
  • Half of the vaccines given (51%) were first doses.

This information originally appeared in the 2023 Annual Report.