Reducing health commodity stockouts in the last mile

Côte d’Ivoire

November 2021- present


The healthcare supply chain in Côte d’Ivoire faces challenges like irregular commodity delivery, inadequate tools for stock management, and insufficient staff skills. Since 2021, with support from USAID and PEPFAR, Project Last Mile has partnered with the Direction de l’Activité Pharmaceutique and Nouvelle Pharmacie de la Santé Publique in Côte d’Ivoire, aiming to strengthen the last mile delivery activities of health commodities and reduce stockouts.

Project Last Mile deployed a last mile distribution coaching model across three districts, covering 39 health facilities. This initiative aimed to increase staff capacity in inventory management, ultimately providing a consistent supply of essential health commodities and better access to life-saving medications.

Project Last Mile is developing toolkits to enhance inventory management, order, and delivery practices based on route-to-market strategies and expertise from The Coca-Cola System. Additionally, Coca-Cola System frameworks are utilized to guide coaching sessions at health facilities, ultimately improving stock management practices.


  • The coaching intervention contributed to enhanced health facility staff skills in order generation, calculation, and inventory management.
  • Coaches’ guidance led to fewer errors, reduced stockouts of specific commodities, and efficiency in stock management.
  • Average stockouts for key HIV, family planning, and malaria commodities are trending downwards, with most districts reporting less than 5% average stockouts each month.
  • Health facilities achieved around a 20% improvement in commodity order submissions, leading to on-time submissions most months.

“With the support of the coach, we
organized the pharmacy, labeled all the shelves by program, and even
developed an Excel sheet to help track key indicators by program.”
– Christiane, PGP, Agban Village

This information originally appeared in the 2023 Annual Report.